Crushing & Mining Industries


Masabik manufactures High Manganese and High Chrome steel casting consumable wear parts for the the majority of crushing and mining equipment in the world especially in KSA, Middle East and European regions. Masabik serves the wide range of crushers and metal shredders ( cone crusher, impact crusher, vertical and Jaw crushers) with the world class quality standards up to the range of single casting weight as 3 tons.

Masabik has rich experience in manufacturing multi grade manganese and high chrome steel casting wear parts with its extensive metallurgical expertise. Masabik gurantee the high quality castings through its world class steel casting facilities, in house fully computerized CNC routed flexicam pattern shop facilities, foundry technology tools , cast stimulation softwares and a brand new automatic Nobake furan molding line.


  • Stone crushing hammer.
  • Blow bar.
  • Crusher liner.
  • Jaw plate Movable and stationary.
  • Cone mantle.
  • Impact plate.
  • Mixer arm.
  • Paddle tip.
  • Shredded hammer for metal shredders.
  • Bottom grades for Metal shredders.
  • Small hammers and liner plates for different industries including metal shredders and glass industry.
  • Accurate measurements
  • Best performance
  • Perfect Metallurgical composition
  • Long wearing hours and low operation cost
  • High quality at competitive price