Automotive Industries


Masabik is a leading automotive parts manufacturer in our region especially the aftermarket spare parts for trucks and commercial vehicles such as Brake drums, spoke wheels, wheel hubs and other fully machined cast iron parts. Masabik has vast experience and high expertise in manufacturing casting parts for the automotive industry near to 2 decades that earns the great reputation in the market. Masabik’s HWS molding line is suitable for the automotive parts that has manufactured millions of parts so far which has been tested and utilized on the roads with a great satisfaction.

Masabik produces casting parts for its sister concern Arabian Axles one of the first and the leading axle manufactures in the Middle East region and also supplies to leading automotive OEMs, truck and trailer body builders and other related manufacturing companies. Masabik is highly committed to the International quality and safety standards and concern about fastest delivery time in order to satisfy the customers just in time production.

Masabik understands the importance of safety of the end user and strictly monitor the safety standards through the entire process of manufacturing' from designing to packing’ on each and every aspect.Masabik prefers to manufacture bulk quantities of high quality automotive parts in mass production on long term contract basis with a long term business relationship.


  • Rigid Connecting Head
  • Spring Housing
  • brake drum
  • Upper / Lower Spring Flap
  • Disc Hub 16T
  • Bearing Support
  • Gear Housing
  • Torque Arm Head
  • Gear Box
  • Spring Top Plate
  • Wheel Hub
  • Spoke wheel
  • Suitable for high volume, mass production
  • Machined castings
  • Casting+machining+finishing
  • High quality at competitive price
  • Keep on updates the quality , products, and supply chain standards