Customer Care

Customer care

cust3Masabik‚Äôs experienced customer support team can understand the customers technical requirements, and problems at the various industrial applications and support the customers with the right solutions to solve their problems. Every single customer will be specially treated on one to one basis with a special care. Offers consultancy on choosing the right metallurgy at International standards, Highly concerned about tolerances and taking care of end users final applications. Friendly team on board to help the customers on customer complaints. 

Further, according to the ISO standards there is an attentive customer complaint process system been in practice which directs to immediate corrective and preventive measures for all customer feedbacks. There is also a customer survey carried out twice a year to allow the customers to evaluate the relationship, products and services for further improvements and developments.



cust3Masabik highly committed to the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of its Environment, Safety and Health Management System. Masabik has an exclusive team in operation in order to ensure the safety measures, prevent accidents and injuries, and provide a healthy environment at workplace.