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Masabik is proud to be one of the high quality foundries in this region which is expertise in manufacturing steel, grey and ductile iron machined castings for a wide range of customers from different industries.

Masabik boasts as the best-equipped foundry in Saudi Arabia for specialized metal castings with advanced equipment and facilities, high expertise in foundry technology and metallurgy, and a well experienced team of top foundry men and manufacturing experts.

It is well equipped with some of the latest contemporary facilities that include fully automated HWS green sand molding line, 5 ton heat treatment and recently updated Furan molding line (No bake). On the other hand, In-house design, reverse engineering, pattern making and highly equipped quality control are the key strategic strengths of Masabik.


Foundry Highlights and Expertise
  • Pro Engineering
  • AutoCAD 3D
  • Soft cast stimulation
  • Fully computerized CNC pattern Making
  • Comprehensive in house facilities
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Automatic molding lines
  • Heat treatment
  • Spectrographic analysis and control - Control of Metal, sand and chemical compositions
  • Microscope testing for structures
  • CNC machining
  • Fully computerized process controls


Foundry Specialties
  • Advanced equipment and facilities
  • Expertise in Foundry technology and Metallurgy
  • Experience in manufacturing casting parts for various Industries
  • Machined castings
  • Experienced manufacturing team
  • Top foundry men in operation
  • Highly committed to quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • ISO certified
  • International quality standards
  • Manufacturing and exporting casting for the International customers especially Europe and USA