Agriculture and Water Industries


Masabik’s intermediate bowls and pump impellers are very well accepted in the International Market. Masabik has more than 15 years’ experience by serving these industries as trusted supplier for the leading manufacturers in the region, Europe and USA. Masabik’s casting and machining facilities are very much suitable for mass production of various parts for the Agriculture and Pump Industry . It produces pump casings, covers, impellers, bowls, discharge head and cases according to the International quality standards with accurate measurements and tolerances. Further, Masabik’s Metallurgical expertise experienced manufacturing team and the expertise on this industry is surely an added advantage behind its success story.


  • Pump Impeller
  • Pump housing
  • Discharge head
  • Intermediate bowl and discharge case
Pipe fittings
  • All Socket Tee 200 x 100
  • Double Flange Bend 250 x 90O
  • Bend instead of tee w/ Fl.Br. 200 x 200Pump base


Pump accessories and Fittings
  • Discharge Head
  • Discharge case
  • Pump Base Plate
  • Pump base
  • Pump bowl
  • Tension box


Water valves
  • Socket Body 110mm PN
  • Flange Body DN 100 PN
  • Valve Bonette


  • Special customer care on individual basis on supply chain strategy, just in time delivery, new product development, and technical consultancy on metallurgy, cost improvement, quality improvements, finish and quality.
  • Machined castings.
  • Highly quality at competitive price.
  • Right metallurgy and accuracy in tolerances.